The Boatshed Cafe-Bar
Wharf Road
TR18 4AS

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Evening Menu

The Boatshed Evening Menu
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Soup of the day made with freshest ingredients, served with chunky granary bread   £4.45
Garlic Mushrooms served with a fresh salad garnish & a garlic mayonnaise dip   £5.75 (v)
Newlyn Pilchards stuffed with spinach & feta cheese & served with a fresh salad garnish   £6.20
Calamari Rings sautéed with chilli & ginger with fresh coriander served on a fresh leaf salad   £6.20
Tandoori Prawns grilled in Tandoori butter & served with a fresh leaf salad   £7.15
Grilled Goats Cheese topped with pesto on toasted bread with a fresh leaf salad   £6.10 (v)
Spicy Chicken Goujons homemade, with a fresh salad garnish, sour cream & sweet chilli dips   £6.60
Garlic Bread a toasted garlic baguette   £2.00 (v)
Nachos topped with cheese served with spicy salsa, guacamole and sour cream   £5.80 (v)
Mixed olives selection of marinated black and green olives   £2.85 V
Seafood Tapas selection of olives, hummus & marinated crayfish tails with ciabatta bread   £8.85
Vegetarian Tapas selection of olives, hummus & feta cheese with ciabatta bread   £8.40 (v)
Chips with our own special seasoning   £2.00 (v)
Basket of Bread a mix of granary and ciabatta bread   £2.75 (v)
Mixed Salad freshly tossed with tomatoes, oions, cucumber and peppers SM £2.75
   LRG £4.20
10oz Rump Steak char-grilled Cornish rump served with sautéed mushrooms   £14.20*
10oz Sirloin Steak char-grilled Cornish sirloin served with sautéed mushrooms   £15.40*
          Pepper sauce green peppercorns in a rich cream sauce   £2.00
          Mushroom sauce mushrooms sautéed in a red wine sauce   £2.00
Boatshed Burger with bacon, cheese & mushrooms in a seeded bun   £9.80*
Piri Piri Chicken Breast Butterflied chicken coated in piri piri spices & served with a coridander yoghurt sauce   £10.85*
Cajun Chicken Pasta chicken and mushrooms in a Cajun sauce with shaved parmesan & tagliatelle   £9.80
Ratatouille topper with melted cheede and served with a fresh salad and granary bread   £8.60 (v)
Falafel Burger with tomatoes & lettuce in a toasted bun with chips and salad   £8.60 (v)
Spicy Bean Burger with tomatoes and lettuce in a toasted bun, served with chips and salad   £8.60 (v)
Vegetarian Three Bean Chilli kidney, black and cannellini beans in a spiced tomato, onion and pepper sauce, served with rice and spiced tortilla chips   £9.60 (v)
Cornish Seafood salmon, cod, squid, mussels & prawns in a coconut & sweet chilli sauce   £14.95*
Salmon Fillet topped with a coriander & lime crust   £13.85*
Lemon Sole grilled whole in a lemon & herb butter   £14.50*
Cornish Trio trio of seasonal, fresh local fish cooked with cracked pepper and local sea salt   £14.95*
Moules Mariniere mussels cooked in a white wine, garlic & cream sauce, served with bread   £9.80
Lemongrass Mussels mussels cooked with lemon grass, chilli & coriander, served with bread   £9.80
Fish Cakes homemade, please ask for this week's fish mix   £10.50*
Wholetail Scampi whole tail scampi served with chips and peas   £9.60
Fish & Chips battered cod served with chips, peas and homemade tartar sauce   £10.50


* served with any two of the following: new potatoes, green beans, chips, salad or ratatouille  

PIZZA Traditional 9” Italian Pizza Bases
Margarita sliced tomatoes and mozzarella   £7.80 (v)
Vegetarian peppers, onions, mushrooms, spinach and mozzarella   £8.60 (v)
Mediterranean spinach, mushroom, olives, feta and mozzarella   £8.85 (v)
Hawaiian ham, pineapple and mozzarella   £8.50
Chicken & Chorizo pepper, onions, chicken and mozzarella   £8.95
Seafood Pizza tuna, spinach, sweetcorn and mozzarella   £8.70
Classic Pepperoni pepperoni with black olives and mozzarella   £8.95
          Additional toppings   £0.60
Homemade Chicken Goujons   £5.95**
Wholetail Scampi   £5.75**
Pork Sausages   £5.75**
Margarita 7" pizza   £5.75**
Tomato Pasta and cheese   £5.95


** Served with any two of the following: chips, beans, salad or peas